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Alamut (Human variation of SNP and association with  diseases)

Amos (Assemble and mapping of NGS from different platforms together)

Arlequin (RAPD, Finger and other multilocus methods)

Avogadro (molecular editor)

Beacon designer (design for real-time probes)


Blast2go (Automatical annotation of sequences/genomes)

BRIG (Genome alignment and visualization)

Chimera (analysis of molecular structure and 3D visualization)

Codon code Aligner (Soft for DNA/RNA/Protein analysis, assemble of NGS)


Cytoskape (Network and graph analysis and data integration)

DNA Star (DNA and protein sequence analysis)

Epos (phylogenetic analysis and visualization)

fastPCR (primers for all type of PCR)

FSTAT (analysis of codominant genetic markers)

GDA (analysis of numerous genetic data)

Gelstats (VNTP and multivariance data)

Geneious (Soft for DNA/RNA/Protein analysis, assemble of NGS)

Genepop (RAPD, AFLP and RFLP analysis)

Genie (reconstruction of genealogical events)

GenMAPP (Gene map annotaitor and Pathway profiler)

Genome workbench (integration and visualization data from Genbank (NCBI))

Glimmer (Prediction and automatically annotation of bacterial, archaea and viruses  genomes)

GPS (prediction of phosphorylation sites)

Mauve (Multiply genome alignment)

Mega  (DNA sequence, evolutionary analysis)

Megan (Metagenome analysis)

Mesquite (Evolutionary analysis)

MFOLD (secondary structure,  minimal energy)

Microsat (microsatellite markers)

Migrate-n (multiple genetic analysis of population)

Mira (Assemble and mapping of NGS)

Modeltest (selection the model of nucleotide substitution)

MrBayes (Bayesian estimation of phylogeny)

MSA (microsatellite markers)

NETWORK (Phylogeny network)

Oligo (creation of primers)

ORIGIN (suport of graphical chemical molecules)

PathVisio (Analyze of biological pathways)

PAUP (molecular, morhological and evolutionary data)

PAUPBLOCS  (Blocks for active file  of paup (download doc.file))

Population (genetic distance, trees)

R-statistic (statistic analysis)

Sigmaplot (Graphical data analysis for biology)

SPDBV (analysys of secondary and tertiary structure of protein in 3D)

Splitstree (splits. network)

Statistica (powerful statistical  soft package)

Structure (multilocus genotyp data and population structure)

TCS (Phylogenetic network DNA, 1/0 matrix)

Topali (Statistical and evolutionary analysis of multiple sequence alignments)

Treeview (visualization of genetic data)

TRF (analysis of tandem repeat)

Vector NTI (sequence analysis, cloning, praimers etc)

VMD (visualization and analysis of tertiary structure in 2D and 3D)

WGAviewer (GWAS analysis)